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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Harris - 4 months

My baby boy turned 4 months this week and we had our 4 month well visit yesterday.

Height:  25 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Weight:  13lbs 1oz (20th percentile)
Head:  40.7

BFing every 2 1/2 - 3 hours, approx 3-4 oz per feeding.

Harris is all smiles and laughs these days.  He is one happy boy unless he's hungry.  He's also super alert and observant.  If I'm sitting with him in a group, he'll look from person to person and just have a huge grin on his face.  

He's rolling from back to stomach and stomach to back.  Finally losing that "bobble head effect" and gaining his neck strength.

The Boy loves sleeping on his stomach and typically rolls himself over soon after being put down on his back.  Also since being unswaddled, he's rotating his head throughout the night and the flat head that we were worried about is correcting itself.  

He's also found his voice and, whew, this boy is loud!  We know Cito's tired when he starts "talking" really loud.

Four month shots gave him a 101 fever but he also caught his first runny nose this week just before the shots.

Speaking of sleep, it's pretty easy to tell when he's tired and he currently has three naps - 8:30am-ish, noon-ish and sometime between 4pm-5pm.

Nights have been tough over the last month.  We took two trips back to back, one to the lake and one to Hyatt Lost Pines.  Since we either had other family members or Harper sleeping in close vicinity, Jared and I were pretty quick to jump up and given Harris attention so as not to wake anyone up.  We also kept sticking the pacifier in his mouth.  Harris had gotten to the point where he could go from 10pm until 5am.  Once we got back from our second trip, sleep became a huge issue and he was waking up a minimum of 3x per night wanting to eat and also needing his pacifier.  NIGHTMARE!  Harris hit 4 months on Monday and Jared went out of town on Tuesday so I started sleep training.  He was doing great until he got his shots yesterday and ran a fever so last night was pretty hellish.  Sleep training has once again commenced and Jared's just having to tough it out this weekend.  This momma needs her sleep!

Harris is one sweet baby and I could just cuddle with him all day!

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