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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Breakfast Extravaganza

So what do you do when you have an August birthday and live in Texas?  You find creative ways to celebrate while maintaining a cool internal temperature.  This year's birthday festivities for the big T-W-O consisted of a birthday breakfast party.  We invited friends over to watch The Lion King, read books, make Fruit Loop necklaces, get their faces painted and stuff themselves full of breakfast goodness.  If you asked Harper who she was coming to her birthday party, she would usually start with "Mommy, Daddy, Honey, Grandy, Grammie, Brent, Katy Perry, Field, Merritt...."  Yes, you caught that right.  Harper was convinced that Katy Perry, the singer, was invited to her birthday party.  Just in case you were wondering, she wasn't invited.  Only room for one superstar at this party and her name was Harper! 
The decorations were rainbows and sunshine

The book nook for reading
Movies and stuffed animals
The breakfast spread
A donut tower for a cake

"Happy birthday to you!"
The kids watching The Lion King
Hippy the Face Painter was a huge hit!

Harris invited his buddies William, Hayes and Clark
Harris and Will were showing off their tummy skills for the older girls

Lots of family came in to celebrate - Uncle Brent, Grammie, Grandpa, Julia, Parke and Nathan. As always, Honey and Grandy were there to celebrate.

Harper asked her guests to bring donations for Austin Pets Alive! instead of gifts but all of the family members were very generous.  Harps got some beloved new trucks and construction equipment, a VIA Bus, dinosaurs, books, a Raggedy Ann and Andy, puppets and clothes.  She was so excited about her new toys and we were so thankful for all of the donations made to save the lives of animals in need.

 Happy birthday sweet girl!


Kelly said...

WOW, Harper! What a great 2nd birthday party you had!! :) Wishing you all the best in the next year to come...you are truly an inspiration to us!

Carrie said...

Ok I love birthday parties - but oh my!!! I have to say that I LOOOOOOOOVE this party idea. it was super cute - and I may have to swipe that idea next year. My O girl was born the day after my oldest daughter so I'm having to come up with a "joint" girl idea that will fit both girls 5 years apart. love love love. you did a great job.