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Friday, September 14, 2012

Adventures in Toddlerhood

Well, Harps has hit that, err, magical age where hanging out at the house just won't do.  I've found that we need activities, even if it's just a trip to HEB or Target.  I will, however, note that Harper LOVES HEB.  She has many friends there, all of which she knows by name.  There's Tricia and Jennifer at the deli counter, John that bags our groceries and helps us to the car, Dan and Bobbie that do cooking demonstrations.  We pull into the parking lot and she starts asking for her friends by name.  But I digress.  

So with this new found need for activities has come searching high and low for new adventures.  These last couple of weeks have brought in the jackpot of activities.  

On Labor Day Weekend, Dinosaur Stampede opened up at the Botanical Gardens.  Since we have a two year old paleontologist, I knew this would be a hit.  I didn't realize it would be 102 degrees with high humidity.  We braved the heat, visited the dinosaurs and tried to find any small amount of shade or air conditioning that existed.  All in all, it was a hit.  Poor Cito just about melted.


Last weekend the Alazafar Shriner's Circus was in town.  Harps met up with her buddies Sutton, Field and Annabel for a big day out.  Whoa, talk about sensory overload!  I can't imagine what was going through that little brain but here's the run down.

- The Alzafar Shriner hat will be the latest fashion statement this fall...just wait.
- Harper suffers from coulrophobia - fear of clowns.  Seriously, you mention a clown today and the response is "NO, NO clown!"
- The tigers and elephants were somewhat entertaining to her but extremely sad to me.  
- The motorcycle on the high-wire is big stuff to a two year old.
- Performing Poodles were the highlight of the show for the Squirrel.  She was jumping up and down in her chair and dancing the whole time they were on.  Who would have thought?  

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