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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Double Sicky Lickies

I'm not a fan of cold and flu season.  We seem to be in this repetitive sick cycle recently.  One kid catches something and, sure enough, within a few days the other has it.  No surprise when they basically drool all over each other.  But this last week has been a doozy.

Both kids are teething so it's hard to tell what's teeth and what's something else.  They were both a little off on Saturday and Sunday - nothing crazy, just a little funky.  No temps but not sleeping or eating great.  I decided to take the kids in to the doctor on Monday.  Turns out they both had double ear infections and, according to Dr. Neiheisel, "by the looks of their ears, they must be in a lot of pain".  Awesome.  Parenting fail.  And Cito's had this persistent cough and wheezing for about 5 months now so we've unofficially been labeled as possible asthma.  Great.  And after two days of the antibiotics, Harper now has a yeast infection.  Perfect.  And Jared is out of town for all of this with work.  Fantastic.  

Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive. 


Maggie said...

hang in there!!!

Kristin said...

Oh no! Sounds like our week. Hope everyone gets better soon! When the girls are on antibiotics, I always give them Culturelle for Kids. You pour half the packet in a cold liquid like juice or water. It has saved us every time from yeast infections. It is expensive, but ,asts a long time in the fridge. I wish I lived closer and could help!