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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honey Hijacking

My mom wrote this a few weeks ago and I wanted to share.  Thank you Honey for your words of wisdom!

It was over four years ago that I began starting my days with a quiet time each morning.  Much has happened in our lives in those last four years and my quiet times have brought me strength and comfort beyond words.

After reading Brooke’s blog entry concerning Harper’s upcoming surgery, their fears, our fears and the incredible love we all have for both Harper and Harris, I wanted to share one of my most recent quiet times with those of you reading Brooke’s blog.

Ephesians 3:18 says “I pray that you...will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ’s love-how wide and how long and how high and how deep that love is.”   As I wrote that verse the first thing that came to my mind was a little game I began playing with Harper when she was about a year old.  

The game started with me asking, “Harper do I love you this much?”  I would hold the palms of my hands slightly apart and would shake my head and say “Nooo!”  Then I would ask, “Harper do I love you this much?” and I would spread my hands farther apart, shaking my head and saying “Noooo! “The game would continue until my arms were outstretched as much as they would go and still I would say “Noooo!”  Finally I would say “Harper do you know how much Honey loves you?  Honey loves you this much”  and I would wrap my arms around her and hug and kiss her and we would laugh and laugh.  The game soon came to a point when the first time I asked her “Harper do I love you this much?” she would shake her head and throw her little body into mine because she couldn’t wait for the hugs and kisses to come.

I can’t wait for Harris to get just a little older and he can begin to play our game. I can’t wait to see the light in his eyes when he realizes how very much he is loved and the joy and delight that comes in knowing that hugs and kisses are just within reach.

So how much greater then is the power of Christ’s love for us?  How wide?  How long?  How high?  How deep is that love for us and what will it take for us to understand the greatness of that love?  Were those outstretched arms of Christ on the cross not proof enough?  When will we get to a point where we can throw ourselves into God’s arms knowing he will be there to tend to our every need?  I know his love is so much more than any human love and no matter what circumstances we face God is there to wrap his loving arms around us and see us through whatever lies ahead. 

We all face times in the lives of our children when we will worry and fear for them, for their health, their safety, their well-being...that’s part of being a parent, a grandparent, that's part of loving.  I also know that it is so much harder to try to deal with these issues without a faith, without a feeling that there is someone who loves you and cares for you and will carry you through the tough times.

So it is my prayer for myself and to each of you~that we may all have the power to understand the greatness of Christ’s love, in all of life’s situations.

May your holidays be full of joy,


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