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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving - Travel Days

Okay, I'm blog dumping again.  You know, where I get all behind and then dump everything in at one time.  Sorry.  
But to catch up - we traveled (and we meaning all four of us (yes, a two year old and an eight month old)) to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving to be with Jared's family.  San Antonio to Pittsburgh is not easy since there's no direct flight so we went through Baltimore on the way there and Chicago on the way back.  And my husband was sweating bullets every time the topic of the flights would come up.  Alright, to be fair, I was a little nervous about it too.  I kept picturing the flight we took 4 years ago from Atlanta to Amsterdam where a baby cried THE.WHOLE.WAY.THERE.  Literally.  

But after much worry and planning on our part, I have to say the kids did amazingly well. Cito gets really loud when he's tired but after just a few minutes of loud yammering each time, he conked out on the majority of most of our flights.  And we did come armed with a massive carry-on chalked full of toddler entertainment.  We were saving the iPad for a last resort and we only had to pull it out on the last leg of each trip the way there and the way back for about 15 minutes each time.  Outside of that, Jared and I took turns playing dinosaurs, bringing out snacks, coloring a lot of coloring book pictures (Harps doesn't like to color in coloring books but she LOVES to tell other people what colors to color each part of the coloring books) and reading books.  Harper also made sure to read the safety brochure on all four flights before take off.  This was completely unprompted and she'd just grab it as soon as we sat down and studied it with intensity.   

So I say let's plan the next vacation - we're going international!  But I think Jared's good with a break after those nerves.  

Ready for take off - can you see the terror in Jared's eyes?

Studying her emergency exit strategy

Cito on the way there


Getting the boy to sleep - he likes movement 

A little iPad break
Hello Pittsburgh!

Cito on the way back

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