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Friday, February 15, 2013

Harris - 11 months

My happy little pumpkin is eleven months old.

Four Teeth

Walking!!!  Yes, fully walking and so proud of himself.

Saying dada, mama, baba but not necessarily at anything.

Points at everything and waits for us to say what it is. As soon as we do, he breaks out in a huge smile.

Follows his sister everywhere and loves sharing things with her.

Still not sleeping through the night.  Someone please tell me he magically will when he turns one!
Starting to wean himself off of bottles and great table food eater.  LOVES fruit and veggies.
Loves his pacifier, his elephant Wubbanub, his little stuffed football and his plastic mixed veggies and plastic waffle that he confiscated from Harper's kitchen.  He likes to have one of these five items if not all of them in his hands or mouth throughout the day. 

Harris is such a happy boy and loves being around people and animals.  He is our little social butterfly and will smile at almost anyone.  Such a sweet boy.

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