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Friday, March 29, 2013

Harris - 12 months

Sneaking this one in before the end of March so I can check it off my ever-growing blog to-do list.  But, we need some stats here people.  Cito-meeto is ONE!

Weight:  21 lbs, no change since the 9 month appointment and in the 25th percentile
Length:  75th percentile - long and lean like his sissy

Food: all table food.  Loves fruit, steamed veggies, sausage, pasta and carbs galore
Officially off the bottle and on whole milk.  The sippy cup skills are slowly improving.
Teeth:  Top front four, bottom front three and two right molars coming in now.
Walking and now starting to run....well, walk REALLY fast after Harper and usually bite it face first in the process.  The climbing has started. Harris can now climb on top of Harper's bed and on some of the furniture.  Yes, being a boy mom is very different!

Loves:  His pacifiers (I feel like breaking that habit will be a blog post in and of itself), food, laughing, people, Honey & Grandy, banging and making noise, animals (especially Rooney and Pretty Kitty), dancing in the car (which is awesome!)
Sleep:  BETTER!  I fully attribute this to the tubes and the time change.  Going down at 7pm - or I should say crashing hard at 7pm.  He'll either wake up at 5am and want to be held for just a few minutes and then goes back down or sleeps all the way through until 6:30pm or 7pm.  Harris is a great napper, down to one nap a day but goes down about 12:30pm and sleeps until about 3pm.
Communication:  Babbling up a storm.  We're working on baby signing but pointing and grunting is his main form of communication.  Says dadada, mamama, lalala and babbles quite a bit.
Harper and Harris - I am in love with this relationship.  Harris adores his big sister and follows her around where ever she goes.  Harper is sweet with Harris most of the time.  She has gotten a little protective with toys and I, personally, think it's hilarious to see her devise plans of how not to let her little brother touch her toys.  She can be pretty creative!  In the car, they will just stare at each other and laugh.  When Harper dances, Harris dances.  When Harper runs, Harris tries to keep up.  When Harper wants to do a puzzle, guess where Harris is????  

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