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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Harris Turns One!


Harris turned one on Saturday and to celebrate, we had a small group of friends and family over for a monster birthday party.  Harris is cursed with a Spring Break birthday so our group was intimate but perfect for the night.  We celebrated with pizza and cake and the rain cleared off just in time for everyone to hang out on the patio and for the kids to play outside.
Harris LOVED his birthday cake.  The kid really does have a sweet tooth!  

And while I did have fun with the decorations, getting sick the week before his party definitely limited what I did - but it was a good thing.  Overboard is not always better!  But stupidly, I managed to walk away from the night without taking any pictures of the decorations.  Honey was smart enough to snap a picture of the cake just as I started cutting into it.  Oh well!

Thank you to our friends and family (especially Uncle James and Kerry who came in from Pittsburgh!) who came to celebrate our sweet boy's first year!

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