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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlanta Baby Shower

This weekend and week has been filled with time with friends and family as we get ready to leave Atlanta. We closed on the Atlanta house on Friday and closed on the San Antonio house on Monday - we love SOLD signs!

On Saturday, I was so honored to have my friends here in Atlanta come together to celebrate the little nugget. I realized what an amazing group of women I've been able to develop friendships with over the last 6 years. Thank you to everyone who came. You are all special to me and I will miss you dearly.

My fabulous party was hosted at the Lewis's house by Lindsey, Carey, Blair, Katie, Jenifer and Lindsey. I love you girls!

We were so excited "Grammie" (Sherry) was with us to celebrate.

In honor of the upcoming move, the theme was a Texas Baby Shower....

..complete with Fox Brother's BBQ (one of my favorites), Buffalo Chicken Dip, Lindsey's Corn Dip aka "Crack", Margaritas, Ice Tea, Coca-Colas....

...and CamiCakes for dessert!

Clearly, these girls know me too well! As Lindsey A. said when we were wrapping up, "I think the key to a good baby shower is meat and booze!" I love how that quote came from my pregnant friend :)

Thank you for all of the gifts to get us ready for the arrival of our baby girl - cute clothes, a jumparoo, a boppie, a bumpo, a carrier travel seat, a bouncer, a baby swing, a hand stitched wall hanging, a bath center, a handmade baby quilt, blankets, towels and more! This child is going to be set!

The movers come bright and early tomorrow morning. Thank you again to our incredible friends here in Atlanta. We love you all and can't wait to have visitors in San Antonio!


Kristin said...

Finally - a picture of you pregnant! You are adorable (knew you would be!). So glad that all went well and looking forward to hearing more about the move.

Julie said...

Your shower looked like so much fun!! Can't wait till you get back to Texas- I miss you friend! AND I need to see that baby bump in person! Good Luck with the move- we are thinking about y'all.

Sher said...

It was such a joy to go to the wonderful baby shower honoring Brooke and the sweet baby girl to be. Thank you all!
I have just left your DeCatur house which is all ready/packed and waiting for the movers. It is both a sad day & a happy day for me - Sad that you won't be close by anymore but happy that you are beginning a new chapter in your life in Texas. I'll just have to become a frequent flyer to San Antonio :)
The 3 of you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Stay strong together and love will conquer all. See you in August in time to welcome that sweet baby - love you Grammie

Erica C. said...

Brooke-Looks like your shower was beautiful and fun just like you! I am so sorry I missed it. Have a safe trip to TX, good luck unpacking and pencil me for a visit in the future.

Elisabeth said...

Love the cowgirl theme!