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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Bumps

A little recap of the last 6 months...

Jared and I started the baby discussions about a year ago. We'd decided that I would run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 27 and figured we'd see how things went after that. Well, I guess I'm Fertile Myrtle because we were pregnant by November. We were so excited to have everything confirmed and see our baby's first photo (or as I took to calling it, Cletus the Fetus):

We went in for our 12 week check up and the doctors noticed something a little off on the sonogram so decided to send us to Atlanta Perinatal Consultants. We went in for our visit with Dr. Mann and that's where we learned that our little nugget had an omphalocele. You can see the little bump on the abdomen from the 12 week photo.

January - early March were both scary and trying. We learned that an omphalocele can be an indicator of a number of chromosomal defects including some of the trisomies, Turner Syndrome and Beckwith-Weideman so we were scheduled for an amniocentesis. I had heard horror stories about amnios but mine ended up relatively uneventful and with only some minimal cramping. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally got the results back that our baby was healthy on all other accounts!
Now for those of you that know Jared and I, we're just a little bit competitive. Well, of course, why wouldn't we turn this pregnancy into some type of competition??? I was convinced this baby was a boy. I just knew it! And Jared, well he was sure he was breaking the Meabon family tradition and a long line of male heirs by having a girl. Low and behold, our little internal bet solved itself with the amnio result. I swallowed my pride and admitted defeat. But what a great bet to lose - A LITTLE GIRL!

We have had appointments with our perinatologist every 3 weeks and have gotten to see our little girl growing and developing. She had an echo cardiogram on her last appointment and, other than a little leakage in her pulmonary artery, her heart is healthy and strong. Omphalocele babies have a high risk of cardio problems so this was a huge victory. As of now, we know that her omphalocele contains her intestines and the right lobe of her liver. She's measuring a little small so we aren't sure if surgery will be immediate or if we'll need to wait for surgery. She will be delivered by c-section and more details on the date to come. We have been in amazing hands with our doctors and trust we are in the best hands as we transfer to our new doctors in San Antonio.

We are anxious and nervous but we know that God is developing her to be perfect for us. She has already taught us so much about patience and trust and we can't wait to meet her in person.
The next few months will be followed with lots of appointments, updates on dates and even more patience so I'll use this blog as a way to keep everyone updated on all that is Baby Meabon. We have narrowed down the names but will keep her name a surprise until she gets here. We have our last appointment with Dr. Mann in Atlanta tomorrow for a routine sonogram and check.
Thank you for your prayers and support so far and keep them going!

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