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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Great Texas Migration

The countdown is on! Only two weeks left in Atlanta and the move is exciting but bittersweet. We are moving to San Antonio after living in our beloved Atlanta - Brooke for almost 6 years and Jared (with an 11 month hiatus in Dallas) for almost 9 years.

Jared is taking over the Texas territory for hotel development. Texas has a ton of potential so professionally, this is a great new region for him to handle. After 7 years with Four Seasons Hotels, I'll be taking a break from work to get us settled in the new house and then get ready for the arrival of our baby girl in August. If a contract position popped up between now and then, I'd definitely take the opportunity. I've been asked if I'll return back to work and my answer for now is, we'll see. I love working and the satisfaction I get from my job but I know motherhood is going to be the biggest job I've held so far. Given the unknown for our sweet baby, I want to make sure she is steady and stable before making any decisions. So, as I said, we'll see.

We will miss Atlanta dearly. We've grown to call this city home and have made some of the best friends we could ask for. I don't think I've let myself fully grasp that we're leaving yet but even as I write this, I have tears running down my cheeks. So much has happened while we've been here....our engagement and then marriage, our first home, our careers, our friendships....so many memories!

But at the same time, we are excited about the next chapter. We are looking forward to our new lives in San Antonio. While I went to high school there, its been 12 years since I've called the city home and look forward to rediscovering the city all over again. We have family and friends to welcome us there and are excited to be closer to the Boswells and Swallows. San Antonio will welcome the birth of our baby and will be a whole new chapter in our lives.

We close on our Decatur house this Friday. My last day of work is also on Friday. Jared will fly to San Antonio on Monday, May 10 to close on our new house there. Our movers come on May 13 and we'll drive out May 14 with an overnight stop in Lafayette. We'll finally arrive in San Antonio on Saturday, May 15 and will move into the new house on May 27. Whew!

Here's a photo of the new San Antonio house - in Oakwood:

I'll keep you updated on the move over the next few weeks.

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