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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doctor's Appointment - May 3

We had our last visit yesterday with our perinatologist in Atlanta before moving to San Antonio. We've loved working with Dr. Mann and wish we could take her to Texas with us! She's been straight-forward, thorough and positive with every visit and we've felt like we've been in the best hands possible.

Our little nugget's heart is still looking strong so that's always good news. On all other accounts, she is looking healthy but we were sad to hear that her liver is now completely outside of her body, in the omphalocele. There seems to be some fluid developing around her liver but that's normal with what she has. She's still measuring small, about 1 lb 4 oz when a baby at her development should be at about 2 lbs. This is due to the fact that her body is continuing to grow but doesn't know to grow large enough since some of the pieces are outside of her body, instead of on the inside like they're suppose to be.

We really won't know about surgery until we've met with the pediatric surgeons but, based on her body size and omphalocele size, we're planning on needing to wait for surgery. My outlook has always been plan for the worst, hope for the best. We're planning on spending extended time in the hospital (could be up to 6 months) after delivery but probably won't even know until she's here and the doctors can assess the omphalocele in person.

Our next appointment will be with our new doctors in San Antonio on May 17. We've heard great things about our new OB, Dr. Cox, and he's assured us that we'll be working with some of the best perinatologists in Texas. We'll meet with the pediatric surgeons and pediatricians as well so I'm sure we'll have lots of medical updates to share after May 17. More to come...


Kim, David, Hayden + Durham said...

We've been thinking abut you, Jared, and your little nugget a lot ... and sending bushels of positive vibes in your direction! Love and hugs, and have a safe and seamless move.

Janet said...

I love you all 3 & there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and pray for all of you. I'm so proud of how courageous you both are being, you are teaching me so much by your example.
You wlll be wonderful parents to our little nugget!
With all my love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing this blog...selfishly it helps the northern end of the family stay connected with you guys.

How exciting that your new adventure is starting. When the three of you get settled and your precious baby girl arrives...life will begin anew for your family. Life works in mysterious ways and the kinks always seem to straighten themselves out. You two are amazing...stay strong, lean on your family for support and let your love guide you and that sweet baby girl of yours!! Our thoughts are with you for a smooth closing to the Atlanta chapter and a bright beginning to the Texas one! Much love to all three of you...xxoo
Aunt Brenda

bonnie said...

B, J, N (aka Nugget), you know we are praying for you three. Leaving Atlanta will be bittersweet, but there are LOTS of folks here ready to help you make SA your home! Thank you for the blog; it is wonderful to keep up with you. Your little Nugget is starting out with lots of extra prayer from us all Love, Bonnie for us both

Unknown said...

I have had you and Jared in my thoughts and prayers and was so happy that your mom shared your blog site with me so I can keep up with you and your little nugget. I know this is a scary time for you and the unknown must be so stressful but I was always told that God give special babies to special people and you and Jared are true examples of strong and courageous future parents. So excited you will be back in Texas, good luck with your move and I will pass your blog onto Ashley and Blair, they ask me about you often. Much love, Janet Kay

Krisana said...

Cannot wait for you to get to San Antonio and to meet your sweet little nugget. Until then, we're thinking of you guys and keeping you three in our prayers.