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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Waiting Game

Two weeks from tomorrow – so close, yet so far away. As Jared said today, each day we wake up, we’re one day closer to August 4. Seems like a bit of a “no duh” statement but that’s just how it feels. For awhile there, it seemed like the days were flying by but the last few days are feeling long and a little without purpose. I don’t know if its lack of sleep at night, reaching that uncomfortable point in pregnancy, getting use to not working or just general anxiety but I’m starting to feel pretty listless. The house is done, the errands are run, we’re as prepared as we’re going to be for our baby girl and I’m not too enthralled by Oprah, Ellen and Dr. Phil these days. The word "marinate" keeps coming to mind. I know there will be a day soon enough when I’ll long for these easy days of no responsibilities, days of rest and relaxation, but Ms. Type A doesn’t take too well to waiting it out. Fourteen days…

We were so happy to have my friend, Jenifer, in town this weekend to help pass the time. Our friends in San Antonio are amazing but I’ve missed my Atlanta friends. It was so good to have such a dear friend here for a visit. We walked each morning, lounged at the pool, ran errands but really just enjoyed catching up. I cherish my friendships, especially those where we can pick up right where we left off and I was so happy to have Jeni as one of our first visitors from the Dirty South.

We had our weekly appointments yesterday and the best news is that as of this week, I’M FULL TERM! What a landmark – 37 weeks pregnant! We are still hoping that we make it to August 4 for the C-Section date since the longer she cooks, the better. However, should Nugget come between now and then, we’re in the safe zone of not having to worry about complications outside of those caused from the omphalocele. The other great news from our appointments is that there is no new news. All is steady and stable and our little girl continues to grow.

I’d like to give a very warm, “Welcome to the world!” to Lincoln Lynch. Lincoln’s mom and I have become acquainted through each other’s blogs on our omphalocele babies. Lincoln came out a strong 8 lbs 5 oz and is a beautiful baby boy. He sounds like a fighter and is setting a good example for Nugget to follow along! Keep up the good work Lincoln!

So here I’ll continue to marinate and wait, as ready as we’re going to be. Tick, tock, tick, tock….


The Kellys said...

I feel your pain, sister! This waiting game is for the birds. Ughhh. :) So glad to hear your dr. appt went well on Monday. Thinking about yall. XOXO!

boo and stacy said...

Hey you two (Amanda and Brooke)....Go to the movies in the middle of the afternoon with your husband, take a long walk, go get another fun dinner like Chris Madrids. That's what I would do. Do something for the two of you because this waiting game that is such precious time is about to end for at least 18 years. I would take 2 weeks alone with Boo in seconds. ENJOY him!!!!! Before you know it you will be covered in spit up and be sleepless.

(The last movie I saw in the movie theater with my husband was District 9. And we paid SO much for the movie and the sitter. AND the sitter kept texting me that Malyn had diarrhea.)

I'm just sayin'

Pam said...

Move back to SA Stacy and things might change a little. Maybe not for two week vacation but at least one week.

I'm just sayin'

Unknown said...

Brooke & Jared.. ugg I finally figured out how to get on a BLOG! Thank you for sharing a peek in your world... Blessings to the beginning of beautiful, precious surprises... but enjoy this time cuz your resting days are over!!! My Prayers will continue for the times ahead never forget God is Good...continue to keep the faith!I Love you! besitos para los tres!

bonnie brown said...

Hey, hugs from Colorado. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you and Jared and Nugget many times. I so wish I would be there to welcome her to the world. I am praying for a smooth 2 weeks and for more good "no news"!! When she arrives, you will know how worth it all this waiting is!! bb

Unknown said...

So excited for you and Jared, and I agree, enjoy these last quiet weeks because your life will never be the same again. The wonders of becoming a parent and having a precious baby are the most wonderful gifts from God.
I will keep you all in my prayers. Love, JK

prozac omphalocele said...

I'm with you on that one.