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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's go time!

In twelve short hours, Jared and I will be parents. Whew! After all of the planning, discussing, worrying, excitement and well, the roller coaster ride, it's hard to believe that August 4 is here.

I can't thank you enough for the support, love, prayers and thoughts that have been sent our way. We are SO incredibly blessed and feel your support!

I am writing this particular entry from my phone to test the technology and see how easily we can keep everyone updated. We will try our best to post a quick update as early as possible tomorrow but hope to have some initial information out by 10 or 11am. We'll also do our best to post updates on this blog over the next week with specific prayer requests.

This little Nugget is so lucky to have so many people that love and care about her. I can't wait for the day to when she can personally read all of the letters, emails and messages you have written for her. We love you all and look forward to introducing our little girl to the world!

- Brooke

Nugget's last day in the belly with her uncle and grandmother


boo and stacy said...

Darling picture Brooke! You look great!! Boo and I will be praying tonight for your day tomorrow. Send our hello's to Dr. Cox! Can't wait to hear what we all get to call Miss Nugget from here on out!!!

Pam said...

Good job Brooke (with the phone)
Nugget, you're going to have more love and family and friends and doctors here for you and your parents than you probably want. :)This is a good thing!
Almost time to meet them all. :)

Susan Gee said...

Brooke, you have no idea how many people will be praying for you and Jared tomorrow. Some will be at church, some at home, but all will be lifting you and your little Nugget up to the Lord. You are amazing to have done this blog from your phone. Thanks for keeping everyone informed. We love you!

{kimmymade} said...

Sending *extra special* happy and healthy birthing thoughts your way :-) Hugs + kisses, K, D, H + D

Kelly said...

I'm praying for you guys! Can't wait to meet all 3 of you at some point :)

J said...

Hey Brooke,
Popping over from the thread to say I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow. I know everything will go perfectly and your little girl will be strong and healthy. My thoughts will be with you through the surgery and recovery. Hang in there and enjoy every second of tomorrow!!

The Meabon's said...

just know that there will be thoughts and prayers from everywhere! Your daughter will have the strongest family tree grown with FAITH and LOVE!!! we LOVE ALL THREE of you!! Dylan, Madison, Meghan and Jeromie