Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin

We made an attempt to go to the Pumpkin Patch on Thursday for the obligitory photo opp but timing didn't work in our favor and a nap prevailed...we'll try again next week. Instead, Harper made a visit to Honey and Grandy's house to try on her Halloween dress that Honey is making her. Honey created her own Halloween back-drop on the front porch and the camera began snapping. Who needs a professional photographer when you have a grandmother that takes pictures like this?

Afterwards, we had a serious conversation about Halloween and some of the upcoming festivities.

Then Harper had a story to share.

Continued festive pictures are sure to come in the following week!


Unknown said...

Harper's grandma takes GREAT pictures! PS- I love that you call her Honey. That's so cute. Elliot is going to have a LOT of grandparents, so they've all been figuring out what to have Elliot call them. None were as creative as Honey, though.
That Halloween discussion is too cute :)

OmomtoJ said...

Harper's hat and Jackson's hat match, SO CUTE!!

Elisabeth said...

was just able to read your last 2 blogs:

I too was in shock to her about the miners... there wasn't a TV in the NICU so how were we to know?

I love y'alls conversation about the upcoming halloween party. The baby blabber is the cutest stuff. Lincoln will add a grunt laugh from time to time, it sounds like he's being sarcastic. I love it.

Glad the O is coming along better... or smaller rather.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you have a talker on your hands! Tooo cute! She is totally having a conversation with you. I love it! Send more pics when ya'll go trick or treating next week. - smacks

Adelle said...

Oh my goodness..........nothing but beautiful perfection in a little Halloween pumpkin girl!!!
Just made me smile and laugh throughout her conversations with you!
Love the Halloween song, of course!

CaroM said...

She is incredibly cute, and her grandma is a great photographer!. I'm glad the o is already getting small!.

Susan Gee said...

OMG!!! She is a talker!!! She has already learned all her vowel sounds! I can tell her IQ is way up there!!! She is the cutest little Halloween pumpkin! I can tell how you and Honey just hate dressing her up! Ha!!!!! Just like playing dolls! Precious!

stephanie said...

Love that little halloween girl! I've been singing the Haloween song for a weeks and hope your first H.ween as a mama was great fun! Have you seeeeeeeeeeeen the goblins in the sky?!