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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greenberg Smoked Turkey

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and my mouth watering at just the thought of it, I am thankful for Greenberg Smoked Turkeys. My family has been ordering Greenberg Turkeys for Thanksgiving for years and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without that tasty deliciousness in my belly.

Greenberg Turkeys are from Tyler, Texas and are pepper flavored and smoked to perfection. It tastes like a warm, winter fireplace on a cold night and I look forward to this tradition every November.

A few years ago, Oprah listed Greenberg Turkeys on her Favorite Things show. My mother hadn't ordered the turkey yet and when she heard Oprah revealing our family tradition to the world, she immediately got on the phone. Like everything Oprah touches, they started selling like hotcakes and it took a few weeks to get through. Since we'd been such loyal customers, we were able to sneak to the front of the wait list and the crisis was avoided. Thanks Oprah, a little heads up next time!

Oh, Thursday can't get here soon enough. And the best part about the turkey is that there's always leftovers!

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Maegan said...

That is a bonus of living in Tyler. I just had to drive down the street last week and pick up a freshly cooked turkey. You can smell the deliciousness as you get closer and closer to the warehouse!