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Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Shopper

As we move into the holiday season, I am thankful that I have a little shopper on my hands. Harper loves being out and about. We're lucky that we have an outdoor mall in San Antonio so we can get some shopping done with the fresh air around us. While shopping, my little fashionista either sleeps soundly or watches wide-eyed at the world. I'm teaching her the value of bargain shopping as we go!

While out and about last week, we stopped for some lunch. There was a table of women next to us and you would have thought Harper was part of their outing. Her eyes followed the flow converstaion between the women about the latest gossip. It was a little embarassing but I'm sure they didn't mind.

Now, feel free to ask me if she's still this good at shopping come next year's holiday season. Something tells me I might not be that lucky!

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Unknown said...

She looks adorable. And lucky you! Apparently I was bent on not letting my mom shop when I was an infant... I screamed bloody murder any time she tried.