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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since I'm no longer working, I am testing my domestic skills. I figure that I'm officially a stay at home mom for now, so I might as well learn to cook. Tonight, I am thankful for recipes.

When it comes to cooking, I need specific instructions. "A pinch of salt" leaves me with so many questions. A big pinch or a little pinch? What if my fingers are bigger or smaller than those of the recipe author? Is a pinch really enough to make any kind of a difference? I like exact numbers and measurements - teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, quarts. I like play by play instructions of what I'm suppose to do next. I can't just look in my pantry and mix things together to come up with a meal. Recipes are my friends.

So as I venture into this unchartered territory called the kitchen, I welcome any suggestions, recipes or tips. But every now and again, I might still have a slip up - like a few nights ago when I put a pie in the oven, turned around and had an unopened box of brown sugar on my counter. Oops, skipped a step and my cranberry-apple pie ended up causing a face pucker. Oh well, nothing a little ice cream can't mask!


Kristin said...

I agree - I can't cook without recipes! Check out my Naptime blog (www.whathappensatnaptime.blogspot.com). I post 2-3 recipes a week that are tried and true! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have a cook book from a local boutique here in Lubbock & I love it! The recipes are healthy & yummy! I'll bring you one at Thanksgiving!
Love ya,

Jen Dalton said...

Hi! My sister (Suz Wolfe) sent me your blog to follow a few months back. I love keeping up with Harper's progress! My favorite recipes come from allrecipes.com
I usually scope out those with high ratings.

The Brown Family said...

I swear by Allrecipes.com. With 2 little ones and working, I have come up with a system over the last year. I have 9 weeks of 6-7 recipes on each week with the grocery list and instructions all on 2 sheets of paper. It allows me to have a week's worth of mostly homemade meals and a grocery list already ready and organized by aisle at HEB. It takes a lot of work up front but saves time and sanity every time after. Email me at meganbrown@satx.rr.com your email and I will send you a week's to see the format and hopefully it will help you out.