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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear

Harper meets the Fat Man

...and of course she only smiles for the $35 picture I had to buy from the elves and not for my camera.

And yes, I did bring a blanket for her to sit on Santa's lap. Although jolly and bright, I can't be sure Santa uses a good dose of hand sanitizer between children.

During the group photo, Santa said "Oh, the little one in the back likes my hair!" I thought he was just being jolly old St Nick until we finished our group photo and I realized Harper was trying to yank out a chunk of Santa's hair. She had a tight grip and wasn't letting go. Hmmm, not the way to impress the present guy Harper. I wonder how much a chunk of Santa's hair would go for on eBay???

Later today, she found her inner pyromaniac and wouldn't take her eyes off the Christmas Go Round at Honey and Grandy's house.

All packed up and ready to for more holiday cheer!

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Julie said...

Love the pictures!!! (Yes, I sometimes blog stalk you, sorry!)
Try out the Santa at Bass Pro Shop. The pictures are free and the backdrop is very nice.
(Julie Reasonover)