Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Monday, December 20, 2010

Harper's First Meal

At our last appointment, we were given the go-ahead by our pediatrician to start Harper on solid foods. Since we're already mixing a hefty amount of rice cereal into her bottles, Dr. McCray said to go ahead and start on the orange vegetables when we were ready. Harper's been paying alot of attention to our food - so much so that she started crying the other day when I was eating a Christmas cookie in front of her. I know, wouldn't a light salad have sounded better than a Christmas cookie but I believe in full indulgence during the holiday season...and I digress. Anywho, we made the plunge into the world of vegetables last night, starting with squash.

And now I present to you, Harper eating (or licking if you want to be technical). Note the commentary and how obvious it is that we're first time parents. Someday we'll know what the heck we're doing!


Maegan said...

The comments and questions from your husband are hilarious! That is a great video to keep. Harper is so precious.

Adelle said...

God loves a healthy eater!!! Precious!