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Friday, February 4, 2011

0 1/2 years old

Well, well, well, look at who's 6 months old. That's right - it's Harper Elizabeth Meabon! Can you even believe it???

We had our 6 month check up today and here's the low-down:

Head: 59th percentile
Length: 28" and 60th percentile
Weight: 13lbs, 12oz and 11th percentile

We are now accepting volleyball scholarship offers from Harvard, Yale and Princeton because this girl's going to be long and lean. Dr. McCray was very happy with how she's looking. We had another round of shots but the Squirrel faired a little better this time thanks to the early administering of Baby Tylenol.

In physical therapy news, we've been given clearance to come to therapy once a month since Harper's ON TRACK for a normal 6 month baby. Go Harper, go, go, go Harper!!! Can you see me dancing? They don't want to release her altogether since they anticipate a little set back post-surgery so we'll continue until then.

Harper happenings at 6 months:

- Full of babbles. The girl could talk all day.
- She is reaching for everything. Once she gets her hands on an object, if it doesn't go in her mouth, she'll swat it back and forth before throwing it across the room.
- The Squirrel can let out a belly laugh at the most random times. Unfortunately, most hard giggle sessions give her the dreaded hiccups.

- Harps is still sleeping like a champ at night, going to sleep around 7:30pm and sleeping 12 full hours. No more paci replacement trips in the middle of the night.
- Naps...well, still working on them. We've bumped the afternoon nap time up to 1:30pm. She'll have a few days of great naps in her bed and then completely blow it and need a couple of days of snuggle napping. I know, I know, we're suppose to be tough and let her cry it out but Jared and I just aren't made that way. I can let her lay there and don't mind some whining but when she's crying so hard she can't catch her breath? Sorry, no can do. I know what you're thinking - they are going to be in trouble later on! But I promise to toughen up over the next year. Okay?
- The girl loves her some orange veggies and fruit. She hates green veggies. And this is where I am tough...really! The peas and green beans are definitely on the hate list. She actually holds the bite in her mouth and will spit it out when the spoon is far enough away to catch the aforementioned bite. Either that or gag reflex after a few bites - I think the gag reflex was inherited/learned from Honey. A little dramatic if you ask me. And no, it's not because she's full because she'll happily scarf down apples or bananas after rejecting her greens. But me (insert very tough mommy), I make her finish those greens. Good practice for waiting it out at the dinner table when she's in elementary and refusing to eat her broccoli.
- Harper-do-scious is starting to sit up on her own. Granted, she's got a serious lean going but we'll take it. Those core muscles will kick in at some time.

- Still no signs of teeth or hair but who needs teeth and hair? Bald is beautiful and gums are, hmmmm, gorgeous?

- The squeak of Sophie the Giraffe can be heard across the room and can illicit extreme excitement and Harps can't wait to shove Sophie in her mouth. If you have a baby and don't own a Sophie, get one!

As for the parenting front, I don't know if it's too much Pandora "Toddler Time" Radio or the fact that a song can get a giggle and smile out of my favorite girl but I've found myself turning EVERYTHING into a song. One of these days, I'm sure you'll hear these hits go platinum on the charts. My latest Harper songs are:
"Harper-do-scious, You're Not Atrocious" (the nickname is Jared's latest creation)
"Suck That Paci, Suck, Suck That Paci" and similarly "Wash That (insert body part) Wash, Wash That (insert body part)"
"You Like To Doo Doo In The Morning" (I think this one will need to subside when the girl starts talking but I must say she is quite regular! Something tells me a teacher wouldn't be thrilled with this song coming from the angelic lips of a kindergartener)
"You're My Girl, My Squirrely Whirl"
"Hush, Hush, Hush My Little Girly"

And last but not least, I've gone all crafty. I've taken over my mother's sewing machine and am trying out complete and utter domesticity/channeling my inner Martha by trying to make the Squirrel some apparel. So far, I've been successful with a couple of burp clothes (straight lines), not so successful with a couple of hats (its those dang curved edges) and am now attempting a dress (that could also turn into a burp cloth if unsuccessful). So if you see my child with a sleeve where her neck should be, do me a favor and just say, "Oh, cute dress!"


boo and stacy said...

Happy Halfzies Harper!!

bethanyjones said...

your blog totally cracks me up!!!! you have a beautiful little squirrel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Harper!!

stephanie said...

hip hip hooray Harps! Happy 6 month bday sweet girl!
Tell her the songs (and future accompanying dance routines) will only get better once there are trampolines and swimming pools involved. I have a feeling she has no idea just how lyrically creative her mother can be. But I do ended to tell her all about it one day! Do you think she'll be ready for jazz hands by summer?

Anonymous said...

Forget the toughening up part. Do not ever miss a chance to snuggle with your baby at nap time, or anytime for that matter! Before you know it she will be having babies of her own or off in Africa! Snuggle bunnies all the way!!!!

Adelle said...

the above was from me!

stephanie said...

and i obviously meant 'intend' instead of 'ended'