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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Omphalocele Update

***Warning: omphalocele picture below

We made a trip to Houston this week to see Dr. Cass, Harper's surgeon. We've figured out that the trick is feed her right before we load her in the car and to leave just as she's suppose to go down for an afternoon nap. Harps fell asleep about 30 minutes into trip and woke up about 10 minutes before we got to our hotel. I think this goes back to the fact that she'll nap anywhere except her crib...of course.

Jared had some work to do in Houston so we ended up being there for a few days and got to have lunch with my camp friends Amy and Sarah. Sarah's little girl is about to turn one and Amy is having a baby girl in about two months. I see V-day reunions in our future!

Our appointment was early on Wednesday morning and Dr. Cass was very happy with Harper's progress. He liked that beautiful pink skin! We're going to continue the compression wrap (and will until she has surgery) but since she has so much new skin growth, we can stop using the silvadene. Instead, we'll apply over-the-counter bacitracine until the skin is complete and then we can just use an ace bandage to wrap her. We'll head back to Houston in early June and we should be able to schedule surgery for early July. Surgery will consist of repairing Harper's abdominal wall and then making her a belly button. Since her skin has most likely adhered to her liver, they'll also have to detach it during the process. Should her new belly button need some cosmetic repair, she might need to have surgery again later in life but this wouldn't be until she was 6 or 7. Otherwise, we should be set after July! We were putting on the bacitracine tonight and Jared read the label - "for minor cuts and burns". I am so thankful that her exposed wound is now "minor". God is good!

Here's Harper's O tonight:

We were also able to meet Elisabeth, a fellow O mom who's son Lincoln was born just before Harper. While I hate that we had the chance to meet since Lincoln is back in the hospital, it was nice to be able to hug the neck of someone whose story I've followed so closely. I ask that you continue to keep Lincoln in your prayers.

We made it home through a nerve racking drive in the freezing rain on Wednesday. We weren't as lucky to drive over nap time but the girl did pretty well on the way home.

Unfortunately, Harper's had a huge reflux flare over the last week and a half. She's always been a big spitter-upper but it's never bothered her before. She's now clearly bothered by the reflux and has started cutting back on her milk intake. We're working with our pediatrician to see if we can get it under control. Since she has a funky gastrointestinal system as it is, Dr. McCray wants to see if we can avoid meds but I have a feeling meds are in our near future. I am not a fan of hearing my baby's stomach growling but seeing how the solution to the growling hurts her. I'll keep y'all updated on that fun situation.


Lisa Johnson said...

The O looks amazing! I'm so glad the appointment in Houston went so well. I'm so sorry about the reflux flare up. Unfortunately we know about those all too well and as a momma, it's frustrating when you know your baby is hungry yet doesn't want to eat. Let me know if you need any tips on that. I pray this phase will go away soon so that Harper can get back to enjoying her milk!

boo and stacy said...

We are in the same boat with the reflux ugh.....it just keeps getting worse:(

Harpers belly is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

stephanie said...

wow wee the O looks great! so happy to hear the latest and see the progress:)

Kristin said...

So glad that her O is getting better - it looks great and I can't believe how small it is! Hope you are able to solve the reflux problem soon. Sounds so awful for both of you!

Julie said...

It looks amazing!! Just want to rub that sweet baby belly!