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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!

Okay, so maybe using the historic and timeless words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a little tacky when I'm referencing my boobs but what can I say? The pump is officially retired!...at least until another Meabon baby decides to come into this world. I have to say I am not missing that wheomp-wheomp-wheomp sound throughout my day and I suddenly have 30 minutes every 4 hours where I don't have to have milk squirting out of my chest. Wahoo!

My goal was originally 6 months but since that fell right at the end of cold and flu season, I pushed through two more months. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been cutting out a pump slowly and mixing formula with b-milk in Harper's bottles to get her use to the transition. Its been fairly painless and, as of now, I'm just doing one feeding every other morning. I should be able to officially retire the boobs in the next week.

Unfortunately, Harps doesn't seem to be as big of a fan of the formula. And I don't blame her! Have you tasted breast milk? Oh, come on, don't act like you haven't had a drip slide down your finger and out of curiosity you stuck it on your tongue. The stuff is like sugar water! And no, I'm not one of those "people" that has been flavoring my coffee with the liquid gold...or making butter out of it like that freak-show chef in New York. So the girl is working on choking down the powdered stuff.

And while I am so happy to not be a slave of the pump, I am feeling more torn about this transition than I thought I'd be. I've been so happy that I've been able to keep Harper on full b-milk for 8 months. A year ago, I wasn't even sure if I'd be producing due to the fact that I had a breast reduction. But that I could produce and have enough for 8 long months was such a blessing. Harps had that small episode with RSV and I truly believe it would have been much worse had she not still been on breast milk. Other than that, she's been cold and illness free and I contribute it to that mighty Mama's milk.

I hope that with future babies, I'm just as lucky that they can tolerate my milk and I can produce enough. I'm equally as hopeful that future babies will be able to straight breast feed and I won't have to pump almost everything they take. I might have convinced myself to make it to the one year mark if it hadn't been for that damn pump!

So I look forward to welcoming the new, ummm, deflated lumps that will greet me. Maybe they won't look as good in a bathing suit and maybe I will be able to hold a pencil (or five) underneath them due to their new-found gravity pull but I'm happy and proud to have been an 8 month member of the cow club! I'd like my medal now please.


The Brown Family said...

You are a hoot! Mine went smaller and much more concave have 2 nursing 17 months apart. We are going to be at the pool for opening afternoon with some neighbors for pizza around 4:30 or 5 if Harper wants to come show off one of her pretty swim suits, I bet she already has! :)

Arnold Party of 5 said...

YEAH you're free!!! Way to go making it so long!! We are right behind you. Watch out....right when I stopped breast feeding Mattie Sue low and behold came the Mooks!

Just read the Brown Family gal and shoot, I want some pizza and a pool party.

Lisa Johnson said...

Yay! You did awesome! Such an amazing feeling to be free, isn't it?!? Now bring on the celebratory drinks! There's no limit now! Ha, kidding!

Anonymous said...

So excited that you made it to 8 months and even more excited for you that you can give the ole pump the boot. I still cringe when I see mine in the closet. Now onward to sushi and alcohol! Horray!!- smacks

Kathryn said...

So incredibly proud of you, it's truly such an accomplishment! I'm so happy to hear you and medela have gone your separate ways...now we need a girls night out to celebrate! I know someone else who also deserves the same...Lisababy, you in?!

Congrats girl, let's celebrate soon! Xoxo