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Monday, April 4, 2011

Proof from Honey

Another Honey high-jacking. My mom thought there needed to be some back up from my last blog entry:

Just a little follow up on Brooke and her babies...here's a little proof that there was no exaggeration in that last entry...

This was Brooke's #2 Blue Baby the head and arms were loved off the #1 Blue Baby.

But though she had her favorite she didn't want any of her little ones to go unloved or feel neglected. So Brooke tried very hard not to show favoritism...

And yes maybe I was an enabler because these were her only Best Buddies on the Bed (notice who's front & center), they were just a few of many!

Oh how I love that sweet Harper is loving her babies as much as her mommy did. If she's like her mother, I know someday, before we know it, she will be a wonderful mommy too...my oh my how time flies!




Pam said...

Great job Honey. How did you know these pictures would one day need to be proof for the future blog. :)
I have a doll collector child. Stacy, in fact if she somehow got to the grocery store without one of her dolls, she picked up a 5# bag of sugar and held it like a doll.

boo and stacy said...

Love these pictures!! I still love dolls....they are just too embarrassing to carry around so I just keep having kids!!!

Brooke was a CUTE kiddo! I see she sported the bowl haircut just like we did!

Unknown said...


stephanie said...

I want to give a shout out to the Jan Doll on the bed. I didn't do as well with avoiding favoritism did I Brooke?