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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Mother's Voice - Elisabeth

Elisabeth and I "met" each other through an omphalocele moms online thread.  There's a group of us who exchange information, give each other support and advice and understand what its like to have a high risk pregnancy and a baby with special circumstances.  These women have been an amazing resource for me over the last year and, while most of us haven't met in person, I feel like I know them and their children personally.  Lincoln was born just a few weeks prior to Harper so I've followed his story closely.  Elisabeth is an amazing mom and has sacrificed her own needs for the good of her precious little boy.  I had the opportunity to meet Elisabeth in person in February while we were in Houston since our children are both seeing the same surgical team.  After praying for Elisabeth, Tendai and Lincoln over the last year, it was good to put a hug around her neck.  Thank you for your contribution Elisabeth!

After being asked if I wanted to participate in a Mother's Day blog, I accepted as being a mom is new to me.  But putting my thoughts of motherhood into words has been a struggle.  How can you accurately convey something you are so emotional about? 

When I was pregnant I had posted a blog about how excited I was to have this baby that was going to show the world how in love I was with my husband, and I still believe this, but little did I know the world was going to show me how in love I was with my baby.  I'm mesmerized with every coo, whimper, laugh, sneeze, cough, yawn,  and his smile... now I claim to not be an emotional person ...but now when he looks at me and smiles, I have to do all I can to not shed a tear.  Maybe it's because I value his life so much more because of what we've endured, but he's just made an improved me.

I feel we've had many instances that God has opened up my eyes and shown me a glimpse of how he sees me.  Jesus served everyone when He was here, and I look at how I take care of Lincoln, and realize God does all of this for me.  Maybe that's why He made us mothers and fathers, because if I can have so much love for my son here on earth, I can't even imagine the love my heavenly Father has for me. And I thank Him for the gift of motherhood.  Though it's been a rollercoaster ride, we don't know any better, but just to keep moving forward through it all.  And as long as Lincoln keeps flashing me smiles, they'll give me the strength to keep pressing onward.

It may by Mother's Day, but today this mother is blessed to have another day to share with her son, and I shall rejoice.

Let your mother and father be glad, and let her who bore you rejoice.
Proverbs 23:25


boo and stacy said...

Thanks for sharing! I agree God's love takes on a whole new light when we are handed love for our children. And to think He gets giddy when we smile! Blessings to Mr. Lincoln.

Lisa Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing, Elisabeth. I have followed your blog closely the last few months and I think you are an amazing mommy to Lincoln. You are so right about that sweet smile of his...absolutely precious. Many prayers sent your way and a very Happy Mother's Day to an awesome mommy!