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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Voice - Sherry

A guest blog appearance by Sherry, also known as Harper's Grammie or Jared's mom.  I love the baby picture of Jared - I can see so much of Harper in him.  Happy Mother's Day Sher!

Love is a Verb
There is a scripture that says "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass"  Alma 37:6.

I didn't undersand this when I was a young mother, like I do now.  I was just busy making sure my sons were healthy, happy and taken care of - LOVED. 

When I look back on the 3 decades of motherhood, I see that the seemingly insignificant things I did over and over actually weave the pattern of life.  And when those small and simple things are good, life becomes fulfilling.  And that is a great thing!

So to my 2 daughter-in-laws, Meghan and Brooke, to my neice Meghan Chelton and all you young mothers out there - don't frett;
-When the baby is screaming and won't go down for a nap
-When the toddler plays in the toliet for the hundreth time
-When the 5 year old cries before, during and after his swim lesson
-When the young boy gets hit in the face with a soccer ball and refuses to ever play soccer again
-When you leave that almost grown up guy at his college dorm hundreds of miles away from home.
because "great things will come to pass".

I have proudly watched all 3 of my sons grow to be great men as they have taken the pattern of our family and used the threads of faith, hope and love to weave their own rich tapestry.   And seen the fulfillment of that scripture.   I love you all.

Happy Mothers Day

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Lisa Johnson said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sherry! Being a mommy to boys is so much fun and I CAN imagine how hard it will be when I leave him at his college dorm room hundreds of miles away from home. Jared was such a cute baby!