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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Mother's Voice - Pam/Jessica/Stacy

When I started this project, I immediately thought of this mother/daughter grouping.  Jenny, Jessica and Stacy were Clark High School legends (Claw 'em Cougs!).  Three sisters who were my predecessors to the halls of CHS - all equally beautiful and talented.  Stacy was a senior when I was a sophomore so she was the only one that I really walked the halls with.  But since we are all grown ups now and age somehow seems to fade into the background, I get to call these beautiful and talented women my peers.  They were raised by their equally beautiful and talented mother, Pam.  Pam, Jessica and Stacy all blog about motherhood (and grandmother-hood).  You can certainly hear threads of genetic ties and inspiring faith through their words but they all have an individual voice.  I thought it would be fun to have a "trifecta" post for A Mother's Voice.  Thanks Pam, Jessica and Stacy!
Pam  http://www.pampm.blogspot.com/
Jessica  http://www.tootletot.blogspot.com/
Stacy http://www.booarnold.blogspot.com/

Thanks Brooke for this clever idea of guest blogging. What fun this will be. How thoughtful of you to think of our family to share in this blogging project. :)

I love Mother’s Day! I love having a mother, being a mother, being a mother in law, seeing my girls be a mother or Auntie, and being a Nama. O and someday I’ll be a great grandmother.

Each stage of life has brought new joys and blessings to me as I walk the life journey of being a woman.
I like to think of the concept of a Labyrinth. ( a single non branching path which leads to the center. An unambiguous route to the center and back.) My thoughts of my Labyrinth would lead from the center out and back and out again. God would be the center and the path would lead from that center, walking with God and being what God has made us to be.

That being in mind, I can always return to the center and “center” myself on God then walk out again with the knowledge learned. As I become all the kinds of “mother’s that I am, on the path I can reflect on the unconditional love I felt from my mom.

Unconditional love for my daughters came as natural as breathing. I have to add I sat in front of my bedroom window (16 yrs old) and wished upon a star for three daughters the same age difference as my girl friend and her sisters. Came true. God made the stars, right? I like to think my wish upon a star was a prayer to God. Answered.

Jenny, first born, always a special place in a mother’s heart for her first born. So precious she is, followed the Dr. Spock book to the T. I couldn’t get enough of her. She is adorable, loving and fearless. I love to see her new creative projects which never stop. She is always full of fun ideas. The decorator. The perfect Auntie. I love you Jenny.

Jessica, second born, always a special place in a mother’s heart for her middle child. So precious and always thinking of others. So caring and loving and thoughtful to a stranger as well as a friend. I always love to hear her laugh. She is the observer and peace maker. The perfect mother. I love you Jessica.

Stacy, third born, always a special place in a mothers heart for her last child born. A people baby, she loves people, loved her dolls. She always makes us laugh. My precious “little buddy”. Adventurous little girl full of life and tells it like it is. I love that in her. The perfect mother. I love you Stacy.

Their husbands have become my son’s. Their children have become one of my grandest gifts of all.
Learning from my daughters (that made me a mom) has been such a great experience and gift. It means we have grown up with each other and learned from one another and continued to love one another through thick and thin. We have formed a bond that will never be broken. I believe it’s because we live in that concept of the Labyrinth and keep God in the center of our lives. Thank you Lord for making me a mother to these precious girls.

I’ve just been given a blank slate!  And, I’m going to call this slate “Therapy”.  Thank you Brooke for opening the hearts of many mommies!  So, I did a little research to make sure I said the “right thing” to my “therapist”.  I Googled the top Bible verses that every Mom should have (kept tucked in their bras).  And, hands down my favorite:  Proverbs 10:1 A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother.  This is fantastic!!!  I might get it “wall-arted” on Ryan and Samuel’s walls, just above their bed, so every night they can be reminded that God finds if foolish for a son to give grief to his mama! 
So, when I think about what has changed since having Ryan four years ago, I realize that it is EVERYTHING.  Want me to spell it out?  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  I won’t consume your time about the physical changes of having babies because I believe we’re all beyond aware of such “goes with the territory” physique-ial problem areas.  From the neurons deep in my brain, to the way my head hits the pillow, it’s all changed.  For the good??  Mostly, but gosh darn there are just those times!  (Said in the voice of Beth Moore).
This therapeutic session is going to continue on with the admission that jogs across my mind, “Why did I eagerly choose to kick off this rigmarole of motherhood?”  Holy moly this is not for the light-hearted.  But, I LOVE it!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  So, how can I think that, yet love the rigmarole at the same time???  Thank you, Lord.  I remember my boss at Baylor Hospital said, “It’s the hardest job that you’ll love the most.”  Now, when that was said, I was 23 years old, and LOVING my independent life in Dallas.  It didn’t mean much then.  GOT IT!!!! 
Admission #2:  I hate that it took me becoming a mom to understand the kind of love my mom has for me, and an inkling of a bit of God’s love for us.  The sacrificial kind.  It’s beautiful, hard, gracious, merciful…  Since my children are both boys, I beg the Lord to show my boys that sacrificial love that a mother has for his/her child, but more importantly that they would see the ultimate sacrifice God made for us.  I don’t take away a Father’s love for a child, but let’s just get real… there is something different within a mom where EVERY fiber of our bodies wants to be given to our children.  And, keepin’ it real, it isn’t all the time, but when I step out of my mommy madness, I realize I love my children with every fiber of my body! 
If I had suggestions (because I’m no mom-adviser by any means):
1.    Babywise your baby!  Don’t know what Babywise is, look it up!  It makes all the sense in the world.
2.    Love Dare your husband, and specifically in all the craziness of being a new mom.  You’ll go even further to understand God’s sacrificial love (the real love) for us, and selfishly, it’ll do wonders for you!!!!  (great return on investment).  J
3.    If you don’t live near your parents or in-laws (hopefully that is a positive for you), MOVE next door to them! 
4.    Talk to other moms.  Not for comparison reasons, but just so you can feel a since of normalcy. 
5.    I got this advice from another mom, “Pray that your kids will always get busted.” 
6.    Being a mom, while there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS, on this planet, can be lonely.  Surround yourself with other God-fearing, God-loving women that will help lift you up, when you are down.
This was a great, free therapy session. More therapy to go. 
I cannot wait for the other moms’ blank slates!  I have so much to learn!
Mom of Ryan (4 on May 14th), and Samuel (17 mos)

There once was a gal named Little P,
She wished upon a star for girlie's, 3.
Complete with bowl cuts her dream came true,
And as a bonus came Piper the family shitzu.
They were gymnasts, ballerinas, soccer players too,
And if you were a Clark Cougar they would have cheered for you.
Perfect, these little girls were not,
They disobeyed a few times and were often caught.
A lie about New Years and a drive to the border,
Thank God they outgrew these things and got older.
They tested her patience and she fought back with grace,
Is there anything sweeter than the smile on her face?
She showed the 3 how to give and receive love,
And prayed most of all that they'd seek God above.
Now one in L.A., one opened a coffee shop,
and one distributes organs from Texas ma and pops.
Then grandbabies came and soon P was dubbed Nama,
Total of 5 for this gracious ol' grandma.
What an amazing legacy Little P will leave to her 3,
Blessed and honored to have this heroic mom gifted to me.
Happy Mothers Day Mom!
Love, Stacy


Unknown said...

You three are an awesome team! Along with
Jenny your wisdom, love and sweet kindness for all who cross you paths make others lives better.
Pam, you did a wonderful job in raising 3 amazing women. I am grateful to call each of you my friend.
Thanks to all of you for your precious M-Day words from the heart.
Brooke, thank you for such a great idea. I'm loving hearing the different voices of so many moms. I hope you will continue this past M-day!
Love to all,

Tootle Family said...

Thank you Brooke!! Enjoyed reading Mom and Stacy's letters.

So much to say about beig a mom. We all have so much to say. Lived reading everyone's. Thank you Brooke for duh a fun week of posts. (your blog is always fun).

Pineapples and Pickles said...

Love, love, love this post. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the suggestions Jessica shared.

Pam said...

I finally got the chance to sit down and read this. Brooke you are so very clever and what a neat concept with "guest blogging". Much will come from this. You came by it honestly, when your mom hijacked your blog and wrote some encouraging and loving words.You two are full of ideas. Can't wait for the next clever idea.
See, I'm one blessed woman! Such sweet loving words girls.

Thank you Brooke!

Lisa Johnson said...

Love this post and love the Rudd/May/Tootle/Arnold girls! Sisters are absolutely a true blessing from God and how special, Mrs. May, that you wished for that to come true! I am so encouraged by the relationship you all share. XOXO