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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-Op Report

We just got back from Houston for our last visit before the Squirrel's surgery and, man Oh man, was it good news!  Dr. Cass was so pleased with her omphalocele and said we are all systems go for July 8. 

With each trip we've taken to Texas Children's Hospital, news has gotten better and better and this was certainly no exception.  Since her belly is lookin' so fine, he anticipates surgery should now only take about 2 hours.  And as long as she and we are comfortable, she should only be in the hospital 2 days and then will be ready to come home - wahoo!  Dr. Cass said she'll be ready to start PT up two weeks after surgery and that she'll probably even be able to swim a week afterwards!  Can you even believe it???  What an amazing report!

So here's the medical details.  First, Dr. Cass will open up the stomach.  Since her liver sits where her O is, they might have to spend a little time dissecting the skin from the liver.  He also anticipates that there are some umbilical remnants left over that will need removing.  Next, they'll tuck all of the organs in and connect the fascia together.  This will bring together the stomach muscles that are currently splayed.  The last part of the surgery will be spent closing her up and making Harps that long awaited belly button.  Dr. Cass is hoping they can bring the skin down far enough to where a belly button usually resides but it might sit a little high due to the way her O has healed.  They'll use dissolvable sutures so we won't need to return to Houston immediately.  Instead, we'll be able to send Dr. Cass pictures through email so he can check up on the Squirrel.  We'll head back about 3 months after surgery so Dr. Cass and his team can check things out. 

We are so thrilled but, as to be expected, are still awfully anxious.  We know that Harper is in the best hands and we feel 100% confident with the team surrounding her.  We ask for your continued prayers as we lead up to the big day for Harper's health, peace of mind for us and the knowledge and skill of the medical team. 

Bring on that belly button!

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Unknown said...

Your words rang so true in your previous post when you said, "God had smiled on Harper!". My prayer now is that he wil continue to give her the strength & fortitude she will need to get through this surgery. I also pray that God will walk before you and Jared preparing you with all the wisdom, comfort & peace you will need to nurture her back to being...Harper!
You two have done an amazing job parenting this sweet child, just a few more weeks to go and the Squirrel will be ready to take off once again!
Love you all,