Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Monday, July 4, 2011

Let the count down begin!

Hello Harper's birthday month!  Today we are celebrating eleven months and the birthday countdown officially begins.  Since Harper is being raised as a proper birthday diva, I had arranged for a fireworks show over downtown San Antonio in honor of her birthday month kickoff but, unfortunatly, there's a fireworks ban in Texas.  Don't worry Squirrel.  With the exception of this year, know that your mommy will always love you enough to arrange a fireworks show for you to kick off your birthday month no matter when and where you are....well, as long as you are in the United States on July 4 that is. 

"Oh, say can  you see,
By the dawn's early light...."

 Happy 11 months Harper-docious!

Teeth:  Two (yes, still just two)

Words:  Mama and Dada

Movement:  Crawling like CRAZY; Pulling to stand on just about everything; Cruising (holding onto furniture and taking steps);  Walking behind a pushcart while holding on

Food:  Three bottles per day, three meals per day.  Trying to transition from the bottle to the sippy cup with little success;  All table food diet
Favorite Foods:  bread with butter....well, anything with butter, yogurt or anything dipped in yogurt, Cheerios, grilled chicken

Likes to stand at the back door and look out the window.  Still obessed with Kitty and Rooney.   Likes to swim.  Loves going through bags, purses and boxes and pulling everything out.  Still waving at everything. 


Tootle Family said...

I CANNOT believe it's been 11 months!!! Diva-it Harper girl!

Hey, been thinking about you guys LOTS. Prayers all over you guys. You're so covered Meabon family!

Pam said...

ahh hair and teeth, who needs them anyway?? She's cute enough.

Happy monthday to you Harper!

Tons of love and hugs headed your way Meabon Family.