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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meabon Numero Dos

So, I'm sure you've guessed by now that I am, in fact, pregnant.  11 weeks to be exact.  Here's the details on Numero Dos so far. 

Yes, we realize this means we will have two babies in diapers and they will be 19 months apart.
No, we are not crazy. 
Yes, we were trying.  But I mean just.  I am chairing a fundraiser on March 3, 2012 so we counted back to when our window of time would be just after the fundraiser and started there.  Nailed it!

We found out July 1.  Jared was out of town but at the airport on his way back and I randomly decided to take a test when I woke up that morning, not expecting it to be positive.  Guess what?  Pregnant!  I called Jared who promptly repeated three times, "Shut up!" and then said I needed to take more tests.  Since we didn't have any spare tests on hand, he stopped at the store on the way home after he landed to grab two more.  Guess what?  Pregnant! and Pregnant!

We will find out what we are having.  I know, I know.  It's all the rage these days to wait to find out until your in the delivery room.  Best surprise in the world, right?  For those of you that wait, way to go!  I was simply not designed with the gift of patience. 

We are due on March 15, 2012 but with a C-section, will most likely go the week prior to that.  Anyone want to come see a baby for Spring Break?

Yes, I have been feeling like doo doo.  No, I haven't been throwing up but have been TIRED!  If taking a nap meant I'd need to do it on black asphalt in the middle of August in Texas, I'd gladly blister my skin away for those few precious moments of sleep.  I have also felt constantly hung over.  And without the joys of a rambunctious previous night to go along with it, this simply sucks.  But I think I'm making it over this little hurdle.  Please, let me be making it over this little hurdle!

Yes, I have been peeing 3-4 times a night.  Annoying.

Yes, I got my appendix out while pregnant.  Now can you see why the 4am cramps scared the bejesus out of me???  And please don't tell me its bad to go under anesthesia while pregnant.  I know this but having a ruptured appendix would have been worse.  Can a girl just get a normal, no complications pregnancy???  But if this is the extent of our drama, I'll take it!

The chances of Numero Dos having an omphalocele are extremely low.  Since Harper's wasn't chromosomal, it would be highly unlikely for Dos to also have an omphalocele.  We will, however, see the perinatologist for high level screening next Friday and again at 16-18 weeks.  If all looks good, we can proceed like normal. 

No, we don't care what we have.  A boy would be great.  A girl would be great.  To be honest, we really would just like healthy.  But if that's not in the cards, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Please keep Numero Dos in your prayers as it develops and grows!


boo and stacy said...

WHAT???? I had NO idea!!!!!! HOW FUN!!!! I had goose bumps reading the whole time! YEAH!!! Congrats!!!

My girls are 18 months apart and I LOVE it!!! (Don't believe any of my 4 year old post about it being hard). YOU WILL LOVE Harper and Dos being so close! My girls are best friends and can not do anything without the other one missing her. I could not be more excited for this journey for you!! Glad Honey is so close! She will be KEY in this venture! Blessings to you and Dos as you buddy up for the rest of your pregnancy. GREAT NEWS Peek!!!!

The Dieckmans said...

This time I can officially say...CONGRATS! Baby #2 is in our prayers! Hope ya feel better.

Susan Gee said...

Brooke, that's wonderful news! Having them close together is so much fun. My daughter's two are 13 months apart and I can't imagine them without each other, even though they are different sexes. Prayers now, for good health for everyone! Blessings to the Meabon family!

amy said...

Oh my gosh, so happy for you. I now read all of my blogs on my iPad so your "bun in the oven" picture looked like a bagel to me, ha! I'm so stupid. Can't wait to find out if Dos is a girl or boy. Yay!!! Super excited for you.

BTW, I could not find a way to order that poster I saw on Pinterst, boo!

Pam said...

So very happy for you family of 4.
Jessica and stacy are 13 months apart. Built in playmate. :)

Hoping the yeckys go away soon.

Maggie said...

congratulatios!! so exciting :) although i've got 4 months on you - mine are 23 months apart - i assure you it's crazy and tiring and AWESOME! so happy for yall!

Anonymous said...

YEAH...Congratulations to you all. Wish I could be there in person towrap a huge hug around all three of you, but please know our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Again...CONGRATS
Aunt Brenda

Kristin said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting! I can't believe it! We are so happy for you guys. Yes, it's a beating to have your children so close together at the beginning, but I believe that it pays off in the long-run. And don't worry about having 2 in diapers - you get even faster at diaper changes and you won't even think twice about it. Harper will LOVE having a playmate and the baby will LOVE watching Harper run around the house. So exciting! We'll be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Looking forward to the updates!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Brooke! Hope you start feeling better soon :)

Adelle said...

March 4 is a really good day to have a baby!!!

nancy c said...

Congrats! March babies are the best; I have 3 of them and am one myself :).
Feel better soon- this post was a big topic on our Saturday run.
Happy pregnancy to ya!