Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harper Live

Just a couple of clips of Harper lately. She loves looking at herself on the iPhone or iPad now that you can watch yourself on screen. I, personally, hate watching myself but this little girl loves it! And the babble is almost constant when we're at home or in the car. She's starting to perfect her walking skills. While Jared and I watched football today, she made loops between the two arm chairs, the ottoman and the couch practicing for about 45 minutes. There's still some balance issues but for some of us (um, or just me) these issues never really go away.


Pam said...

She's a walker! And is that hair I see growing? Get to bows out, learn the braiding skills, and buy tangle free shampoo. :)

K.E.M said...
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K.E.M said...

I thought the video of Harper giving the baby kisses was so cute and wondered what Gianna would do if she saw another "baby" talking so I enlarged the video on my laptop and played it for her and she just started staring very seriously at Harper and then when Harper gave kisses she started laughing! She laughed at the same spot every time I played it. It was so cute!