Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stricken with Roseola

After 3 days of a low grade fever, (which I was attributing to the molar that appeared out of nowhere) Harper woke up with this rash covering her torso and neck.

I had a minor freak out and Saturday visit to Dr. Neheisel only to be told, "Don't worry, it's roseola. The majority of children get it before they turn 4".

So we now have a child with a rash that's spread to her face, two half front teeth, two full bottom teeth and one molar. She's looking a little like a rotting Halloween pumpkin but don't worry, she's not contagious anymore!


Tootle Family said...

Both of my kids just had it but we had extreme high grade fevers and no rash. So, maybe it wasn't roselo. Thats what the doc thought since Samuel had 104.6 and was still able to play like a hyper kid.

Kathy said...

My daughter ran a high fever for 7 days, then was sitting in my lap and out of no where a rash all over her, the doctor said it was a form of roseola, that there are several different forms, but they have to do with a fever and a rash