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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday

Thumbs Up for Fooducate!  Today I had lunch with three of my best friends from growing up, Stephanie, Emily and Christy (pictures to come as long as Stephanie sends them, no pressure).  Along with lots of laughs and catching up, we learned about this super fabo app from Christy.  While I haven't been to the grocery store with it, I came home and immediately invaded my pantry and fridge.  So what's is all about?  You scan the bar code of almost any food item and Fooducate immediately pulls up all of the hidden details about the product - what makes it good, what makes it bad, hidden ingredients that might not be so good for you, etc.  It grades the product and even gives a list of similar products that are much better for you.  WOW!  What an app!  So, of course, I scanned the foods I've been giving Harps on a regular basis.  Who would have thought Nabisco Graham Crackers would have earned a C+ because they contain hidden trans-fats???  So while I'm grocery shopping, I can now easily find products that are more natural with better ingredients.  Thanks Christy for the great tip!

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