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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alive and Kicking

Yes, we are alive.  Jared and I have been on a much needed vacation and now that we're back, I'm totally playing catch up.  So I promise a couple of full posts - one on Harper's vacation at Camp Boswell and one on our vacation to Cabo San Lucas.  Just let me catch my breath first!

On another note, Numero Dos is definitely doing somersaults en mi estomago.  I starting feeling it 15 weeks and at 16 weeks, I can definitely claim it to be baby movement.  Amazing how much faster it comes along with pregnancy #2!  We got all of our test results back for Downs, Trisomy 18 and spina bifida and everything came back negative so we continue to get good news.  I'm also quickly growing out of my clothes and sporting one heck of a belly.  I'm just about ready for this to look like a baby belly and not a beer belly - ugh.  We head back to the perinatologist a week from Friday and we should be able to tell you if Harper will have a little brother or little sister.  For now, we're just calling it Harper's broster.

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