Everyday lives of the Meabon Household

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obligatory October Excursion

Yup, it's the pumpkin patch photos.  As you can see, we aren't quite frolicking with glee through the pumpkins yet. And since everyone's blogs/Facebook pages these days are filled with the obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch, I'll spare you details and just give you a quick photo montage.

And just because I'm a mom and mom's do this kind of stuff, remember Harps at the pumpkins last year?  Okay group - let's hear the collective, "Ooohhhhhh!  Wasn't she cute and so little???"


Hi, I'm Missy! said...

It is amazing how much they change in a year! Harper is precious!!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you got some cute pics of Harper... I'm surprised you didn't want to include my two moping children in your montage ;) Next year will be full of smiles and frolicking, I'm sure!!

boo and stacy said...

Super cute!! Where do I buy those little boots?