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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Bullying

So I know school bullying is a hot topic right now and many-a-celebrity have stepped up to the plate with anti-bullying campaigns and messages. The Meabons would like to officially jump on the bandwagon now that school bullying has personally effected our family.

I go to pick up Harps from school today, only to be greeted by a grimacing teacher and the statement, "we need to talk". Oh crap! What does this mean? Is everything okay? As I was escorted over to sign an incident report, I'm thinking "Oh great. The Squirrel is a biter. Or even worse, did she beat someone up?".

Nope. Turns out my precious little angel is the victim! Insert small sigh of relief that my child is not, in fact, a biter followed by panic that something horrible has happened.

Harper has a pincher in her class who's aggression is now being taken out on the Squirrel's arms. Of course they can't say who did it so I immediately start scanning the room to find out which little monster laid a hand on my child. Which one year old has a look of guilt and won't look at me in the eyes? Come on you little boogers - I see a few unclipped fingernails in this room!

I calm down, get the girl all packed up and head to the car to give Jared a call and fill him in on "the incident". You would have thought I told him Harper had been run over by a car! I might or might not have heard a few F-bombs, a few death threats (yes, to one-year-olds) and the statement "No one hurts my daughter and gets away with it!" And I thought I was over-reacting? Little did I realize I married a meathead five years ago.

So please mark your calendars for the first annual Meabon Family Anti-Bullying, Overly Protective Parents, Child Threatening, No One Puts Baby In A Corner Walk-A-Thon. Details to be announced at a later date.

And to think, we still have middle school ahead of us - ugh!


Pam said...

Count Sammy in on that. He's been bitten 3 or 4 times.

Maegan said...

Hattie has been bitten and scratched multiple times by a little girl. I almost had to sedate Paul to keep him from going postal on a 2 year old. Dating is going to be tough in our house!!!

Carey said...

Geez the teacher needs to tell the parents just to clip the bully's nails- problem solved! Poor little Harps.

Susan Gee said...

OMG!!! Brooke, I know you must have been furious!!! I am, just reading this! I assume the teacher/s have talked to the bully's parents. They need OCS in Pre-School!!! You can surely find out what action was taken.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately this stuff happens. I have to say though, it is a good thing you are having a boy because Jared is the furthest thing from a meathead/body guard.