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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Terror

Didn't I warn you that the Christmas posts were on their way?

We kicked it off in true fashion today with a birthday party for Harper's friend, Audrey.  I love this birthday idea for a December birthday.  They hosted breakfast in your Christmas pj's with Santa, complete with jingle bells, Christmas activities and a visit from the Big Guy himself!

Jingling her bells for Santa
For those of us who have been acquainted with this gentleman for 31+ years, I've got to say Santa was lookin' mighty fine this morning.  When he walked in, Harps was pretty awe struck and kept saying quietly, "Uho, uho, uho."  We've been talking about this gentleman and pointing at pictures for a few weeks now so I was happy to see that she recognized him.
Keeping an eye on him
Safe from a distance

Then it was picture time.  Of course, I forced my child to sit on the lap of an stranger - an old man with a huge scary beard.  I mean, come on Harper - get in the spirit!  There are no tears at Christmas!

"That's some beard mister"

"Does anyone else think this is a little odd?"

"What the heck Mom???"

"Seriously!  Not funny!"

Pure Christmas joy
We have two more scheduled Santa visits to go.  We'll see if the Squirrel warms up to the idea before the 25th.   Maybe for the next round of pictures, she won't have a fat lip.  Yes, Harper fell yesterday and caught herself with her top lip just in time for Christmas photos.  Awesome.

Santa read a story before he left

The big kids were mesmerized

Enough of that guy!  She was happy to color on her own.


Unknown said...

what an ADORABLE party idea! Those pictures with Santa made me laugh out loud. Too cute!

Lindsey Sanders said...

I seriously love you guys. To pieces.