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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fête du Cuvée

All dolled up for the night
Whew!  Yes, I'm alive.  And still hanging in there pregnant...very pregnant.  My life for the past year and a half was a little consumed by chairing a brand new fundraiser for the Junior League of San Antonio, Fête du Cuvée Fine Wine Auction.  The black-tie event took place on Saturday night and, if I do say so myself, it was FAB!  I had an AMAZING group of women on my committee that I loved working with.  And the night (and two pre-parties for the event) went almost flawlessly.  Not to mention we raised over $80,000 to go back to the community!

With 300 people, 90 Silent Auction lots, 14 Live Auction Lots, 6 chefs, 4 wine bars, 30+ wines being poured and this being a first time event, I kept calling this event the first of my two babies to be born in the month of March.  And let me tell you, after a full day of set up on Friday and Saturday and then the event on Saturday night, my body felt like I had given birth.  I was just about crawling on Sunday morning.

I do not recommend chairing an event, much less a wine auction with incredible wine being poured, when 9 1/2 months pregnant.  Nothing is worse than being in heels when toting around 30 extra pounds and then not being able to drink a glass of champagne to celebrate at the end of the night and numb the pain of your feet.  I did make the committee promise to a rockin' post-baby, post-party.  None the less, we really enjoyed ourselves and this has been the reason you've heard next to nothing from me over the last month!

Here's a few pics - okay, maybe its just me bragging but I'm pretty stinkin' proud!
Amazing committee - minus Mitzi, Michele and Katie

Our award winning line up of San Antonio Chefs

Giving my speech - I hate public speaking!

Just after my speech - do I look relieved?  I was!

Pictures courtesy of Photography by Marie

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