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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harper's Weekend with Honey and Grandy

So while I was tied up at Fête all weekend, my parents gave us the gift of watching Harper for the entire weekend.  My mom asked awhile back if I'd rather have them attend the event or keep the Squirrel.  As much as I would have loved to have had them at the wine auction with us, it was so nice to know that Harps was in good hands while I ran myself ragged all weekend.  And I don't have to guess which they would have preferred - time with the girl is always good with them!  They picked her up from school on Friday, went to the fair at the church on Saturday and then came by to visit me and see the venue before everything got started. 

While Honey and Harper were outside having a tea party on Friday afternoon, the yard men showed up. I think the pictures tell the story.

By the way, this a one of Harper's most recent faces. It's her surprise look and she gets surprised by alot these days!

And a book with Grandy to top off the afternoon
Thank you Mom and Steve!!!

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