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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One week from today

Um, we're having a baby in a week from today.  Well, we think it's a week.  Although with the signs my body is currently giving me, it might be tonight...or tomorrow...or 5 minutes from now.  I think the freak out stage is now starting to settle in.  We will officially be a family of four - whoa!  

Any advice?  Especially since we have no clue what it's like having a newborn in the house?  Should I be reading all of those parenting books and taking the classes at the hospital?  Guess we'll be winging it!  If any of our trusty NICU nurses would like to come live with us for the first 9 weeks, we'd easily get through this.  It worked for Harps having you all around!  Becky, Jennifer, Jeremy, Tiffany, Nicci, Amie, anyone...y'all are welcome to come move in.  I promise we'll make it comfortable!

Harps has no idea what's about to hit her.  We've been doing lots of "baby time" and she loves her dolls.  We've been playing with her babies, putting the babies in her brother's crib, feeding the babies, rocking the babies...not slamming the babies' heads into the floor, not poking the babies in the eye, not dragging the babies around by their feet.  Oh, this could get interesting.  And this blog might get alot more comical and honest in the next few weeks.  So bare with me.  I'll be hopping on to update when I can but if I have a minor bad mothering moment or hormonal rant on here, please know it will pass and I'll take all of the support I can get!

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boo and stacy said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Best thing we ever did for our family was have our number 2 close to our number 1!!!

What about Honey just moving in?

Enjoy the last few days with Harper!!

Thinking of you!!!!