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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thumbs Up Thursday

I'm a reader.  Always have been, bet I always will be.  I love getting lost in a book and am always sad when a good one comes to an end.  It's like I've lost a friend.  And recommendations are almost always the best source of finding a good book.  So.....

Thumbs Up for www.goodreads.com.  I might be a little behind the times on this one but I just discovered it.  It's kinda like the dork version of Facebook - and I'm totally in the dork club.  You can find your friends, see what they've read and recommend and keep your list updated as well.  I still need to put in my reviews but I've rated most of my books and am slowly trying to update my list.  So if you're a member, be my friend!  And if you aren't, become a member and be my friend.  I need a new book to read.

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