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Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating my words

So I just put my paci-holic to bed without her beloved paci.  Oh geez - what have I done?  Why do I have the feeling I'm going to be wide awake for the rest of the night?

We made the rule about a year ago that the paci-holic could only have her pacifier in her crib - read night time and nap time.  Harper knows the rules and has been pretty good with them even though there are now pacifiers strewn across the house with the introduction of a little Monchichi in early March.  Every once in awhile, she'll come across one of her little brother's pacifiers, pick it up, quickly look around to see if anyone is watching and sneak behind a piece of furniture to get a quick suck or two, after which she emerges like nothing has happened and happily hands the pacifier over saying, "Haya, Haya" (Harris in Almost-Two-Year-Old talk).  Sneaky, little thing.  

Over the last couple of days, the Almost-Two-Year-Old started kicking me when I'm getting her ready for bed.  I'll be changing her diaper and while she's lying down, those little legs start flying towards my chest and face.  I've tried a number of tactics (or psychological warfare) to try to get her to stop.  Firm and serious to which she just laughs in my face and continues kicking.  Stern and holding her legs down to which she just laughs in my face and continues kicking.  Sad and hurt to which she just laughs in my face and continues kicking.  Do you see a pattern here?

So tonight as we were getting ready for bed and the little legs started flying, it just popped out of my mouth.  I guess my subconscious was trying to think of the worst thing that could happen to my child.  And there it was, "Harper, if you kick me one more time, no more paci."  Oh crap!  I said it and now I can't back down.  Well, maybe she'll take me seriously this time.  Want to know what happened?  She hesitated, hitched her head to the side, looked at me with "oh, you wouldn't" eyes and let one little leg fly up to lightly flick me in the chest.  
Me:  "Okay, you chose your consequence.  No more paci."
Almost-Two-Year-Old:  "Paci?"
Me:  "No Harper, no paci tonight.  Mommy warned you.  No kicking, no paci."
Almost-Two-Year-Old:  "Paci?  Paci?  Paci?"
Me:  "Sorry sister.  You made your decision.  You kicked Mommy so no paci tonight."
Almost-Two-Year-Old:  "Paci, pease?  Paci, pease.  Paci, ppppeeeeaaaassssseeee!"
Me:  "I love you but no paci."

And so we continued through night time songs and prayers with a very guilty looking Almost-Two-Year-Old.  I laid her down in her crib, told her I loved her and she gave it one more quiet effort, "Paci, Mommy, pease?"  

And with that, I turned around and walked out of the room and snatched the monitor to watch her reaction.  I have to give her credit.  She gave one long wail and then face planted herself face first into her crib with Douglas in hand, clearly pouting.  But as of now, 9:01pm, she's sleeping soundly. I'm a little afraid about what 2am, 4am, 6am will bring but maybe we can kick this habit cold turkey.  Or maybe I've just punished myself with a night of no sleep but hey, she can't go to college sucking that paci so no time like the present!

And now I bring you, scenes from the iPhone of said Almost-Two-Year-Old.
Harps and Jared have a Starbucks date every Saturday morning - she insisted on wearing her pj's, hat and necklaces

We've moved to a booster chair so she sits at the table with us now.  As you can see, our friend Addie Brown joined us via her birthday party invitation at each meal this week at the Squirrel's request.
And we've entered the dress up phase - she kind of looks like she's been doused in Pepto
And I got a Double Bob for Mother's Day/Birthday - here's our first run

The snack tray has quickly become a foot rest


Kristin said...

Ao, how did the night go? I had to do this yesterday with Rikey's blankie and you would have thout I took a body part from her. Hope she didn't keep you up too much!

Maegan said...

Be strong! The paci fairy took Holden's paci to heaven to give to the baby angels and Santa took Hattie's to give to the baby elves. Whatever works! I think it is more tramatic for us than them...sometimes!

Susan Gee said...

Macy and Marshall both "gave" their paci's to a friend of Julie's who was pregnant "for the new baby." She made a big deal of it when they were two, and they wrapped them in a pretty box with ribbon like it was a great gift for the new baby. Julie kept one out each time and hid it in the house, "just in case," but it went very well. Hopefully, Harper will realize that being a BIG girl is so much more fun! Princesses get much cooler things than paci's!

amy said...

stay strong. being inconsistent is the #1 mistake parents make. once kids know you will go back on your word, they will try and try again. even the littles know this...we don't give them enough credit. they are smart!

intereted to know how she did. :)