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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honey Hijacking

Okay - this one is a little embarrassing but thank you Mom/Honey!  What a sweet birthday gift.  And without further ado, here's Honey:

It’s Hijacking time once again as I look back on 32 years of celebrating the life of a daughter that continues to amaze me with each year that passes.

I believe Brooke was born about 90% pre-wired. The other 10% may have had something to do with her upbringing, her peers, her life experiences, but I take little credit for the incredible person I call my daughter.

From the time she could speak Brooke would grab things out of my hand saying, “I do it Mommy…” and to my amazement she could and would. Whether it was putting together a simple toy or something as complicated as a bicycle, she would tinker and snap and voila she had accomplished what I had tried for hours to do and she did it all with such ease.
She went through elementary school receiving special honors and awards. I had no idea she had accomplished these things until teachers would call and tell me she would be performing or receiving her achievement award at some special assembly. I would attend the presentations and would be awestruck at her poise, her self-confidence and her abilites.
Oh, she had her moments of failures. She tried out for 7th grade cheerleader and lost. As I watched my heartsick little 12 year old bravely go up to every one of her friends and their moms with hugs and congratulations, I knew then that she would always be a winner. 

College came and with little effort she not only graduated early but graduated summa cum laude. Not only was she capable, but bright as well...something she certainly didn’t get from me!
She went on to be successful in business, as well in the various volunteer responsibilities she has undertaken. Brooke has always given 100% of herself in everything thing she commits to and she does it with grace and diligence. I continue to be dumbfounded and so proud of her abilities and success.
All of this pales however when I now look at my daughter being the mother to her children. What an exceptional mommy she is! She delights in her babies and their smallest accomplishments. Her patience and her disciplinary techniques are so effective and loving. My heart fills with joy and love at the incredible woman she has become and just when I think I couldn’t love my daughter any more I find I can’t help myself and my love for her continues to grow.
Am I bragging? Absolutely! Am I biased? Naturally! But this is my daughter’s birthday, this is my highjacking and this is my chance to tell not only Brooke, but each of you young moms that one day you too will be able to look back after 32 years and marvel and at how amazing someone who is such a part of you can fill your heart.
Happy Birthday Boogie!


P.S.  Just had to enclose a small look back at some of the highlights of the life of Brooke Swallow...here’s a very edited version.


Pam said...

What a heart felt hijacking Honey!
So humble you are Honey, so alike your sweet daughter.
First of all get yourself to hollywood Brooke. What talent you have girl.!!!
Happy Birthday Brooke. I love you all!
Such a sweet soul you both have.

Lisa Johnson said...

That video is so precious. Brooke, #1, you are hilarious, #2, you are beautiful, and #3, you are the kind of mommy that we all look up to and strive to be just a little like you. If only I could pull off being a young mommy with young children like you do - such grace and poise always! Honey, you are such a sweet mommy and grand mommy! Loved this post so much!

Kristin said...

I think I say this every time your Mom posts, but I hope you know how wonderful it is to have a Mom like Honey! My Mom has never said those kinds of things to me or taken the time to put together something like that wonderful video. It reminds us all to tell our little ones all the time how proud we are of them, no matter how old they get! Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Adelle said...

made me cry......I remember so many of those great moments! I still think you could be a Broadway singer, although what you are doing now is so much more important and wonderful. I am thrilled that you came into my life, Brooke. You are a fabulous piece of art formed by the Master and raised by an angel.
I love you. Happy Birthday,