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Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Oh yes, you read that title right.  We have officially upgraded to a big girl bed!  We are back to being a one crib household.  We knew after our trip to Midland in June, when Harper slept on a pallet on the floor and did great, that the transition was in our near future.  I ordered a bedrail online, it got in on Friday and our friend, Brad (THANK YOU BRAD!) was available on Saturday to help us move the bed and dresser from my parents house to our house.  We considered waiting until next weekend but after a split second decision, it was time to put that sucker up and dive in head first!

We had been talking a little to Harper about sleeping in a "big girl bed" and how fun it was going to be but we didn't know she'd love her bed as much as she seems to already.  We had just put down the box springs and hadn't even started with the mattress when she started climbing up and saying, "big girl bed, big girl bed, big girl bed!"  She also took a few face first plunges off the bed in  her excitement which has ended up working in our favor.  

We had a long talk before bed that night about how special it was to sleep in a big girl bed and how she had to wait for mommy or daddy to come get her out of it.  As I mentioned, the tumbles helped us out in this area since she quickly realized it hurt to get out of bed on her own.  

We put her to bed as normal but instead of songs and prayers in her chair, we piled into bed to do them as a family - the beauty of the bed being a full!  And Harps was a champ!  She played with her stufties for about 20 minutes before zonking out and sleeping until 7:10am.  When she woke up, she just crawled to the end of her bed and sat and waited until I came to get her.  Needless to say, I was up at 6:30am watching the monitor to see what she would do.  

Nap-time was test #2 and, again, she sailed right through it.  Since then, she's been playing on her bed non-stop and has had another successful night in her new bed.  Well done Little Squirrel!  What I forgot about was the pain of having to make up another bed each morning but totally worth it.  And she does insist on sleeping with all six of her favorite stufties.  

Grammie is working on making part of the bedding for us so I'll post official pictures of her "new room" once everything is complete.  

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Kristin said...

So cute! When the "newness" wears off and she wants to get out and wander the house, a baby gate will do wonders for your sanity. :)