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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harris - Cinco Meses

Harris is 5 months!

Super smiley - he will smile at anyone that shows them his pearly whites and he is a flirt.

Eating - bfing every 2-3 hours and just started solids this week.  Not a fan of rice cereal - it made him gag and throw up.  He took a couple of tries to get use to eating but is now frantically gobbling up his sweet potatoes.  Next on the list is carrots.

Sleep - ugh!  Going down between 7pm-7:30pm.  I wake him to do a dream feed at 10pm.  He was waking up a couple of times between 1am-3am and then waking up between 4am-5am to be fed.  This week, I started adding a tablespoon of rice cereal to his 10pm bottle (I pump for this feeding) and he now goes from 10pm-5am.  Wakes for the morning around 7am and takes three naps per day.

Cito has gotten very grabby this last month.  He will yank anything he can get his hands on.  

He's discovered his feet and likes trying to suck on those toes.

My little rolly polly - he loves to be on his stomach and sleeps that way by choice.  He can roll both directions and can roll across the bathroom.  

While on his stomach, he can rotate turn and is starting to make some very early signs of trying to crawl - Lord help me!  Stay put child!

I've also discovered the hard way that the combo of heat, hunger and being tired causes my son to be temporarily possessed by a demon.  It's not pretty and he takes some time to be calmed down before he can even eat.  Whew!  Try that in the middle of a crowded restaurant with a hungry toddler in tow.  

And as you can see, my "assistant" during our photo shoot decided she wanted to be the talent instead.  Welcome to the world of being a younger sibling Cito!

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Meredith Swallow said...

His facial expressions are hilarious! I love that you update, so we can all keep up with your sweet babies! Love you guys!