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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pittsburgh - DinoExtravaganza

In case you didn't know, Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History has one of the top dinosaur exhibits in the country.  When we started planning our trip, I knew this was a stop we couldn't pass up and it didn't disappoint.  The Squirrel was in awe and wonder.  As she walked in each room, she'd say "Whoa!  Wook at dat!  Stegosaurus!" or whatever dinosaur we happen to be approaching.  Her little mind really amazes me and I'm one proud mama that she can name all of those creatures.  Of course, the piece de resistance in her mind was T-Rex.  She soaked in every minute and it was so much fun to see.  


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Maegan said...

I love the safety goggles for her dino-dig!