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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Visit #1

And let the Christmas posts begin!  

We kicked off the beginning of December with a bang and boarded the North Pole Flyer out of Cedar Park, TX.  This is run by the Austin Steam Train Association and is a two-hour train ride with the Big Guy in Red.  Along with Santa was hot chocolate, candy canes, Girl Scout Christmas Carolers, Mrs. Claus and a story reader, all spread out during the two hour trip.  Cito might have been a tad too young but it was still fun all the same and we will, most definitely, repeat this as a holiday tradition.

Harps was a little weary of both of the Clauses but no tears were shed.  Harris had no trouble grabbing at Mrs. Claus's face, glasses, hair, etc and was thrilled to be in the arms of some strange old guy.  

Big Thumbs Up Thursday (on a Wednesday) to the Austin Steam Train Association for such a great holiday event!

We met Sutton and her crew for the big train ride

The Girl's first taste of a candy cane.  Her face says it all.

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