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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Visit #2

I got some insider information about Santa visit number two and I'll share it with you now but mums the word.  This Santa visit was a hidden gem!

The Grand Hyatt here in San Antonio partners with the San Antonio Library and the SA Humane Society for  Santa Paws two time during the month of December.  The first was this last Tuesday but the next is Tuesday, December 18 at 11am.  Parking is free and they have a free hot chocolate, hot apple cider and cookie bar set up in the lobby.  The Humane Society has puppies available for kids to play with and then Santa himself makes an appearance and reads a Christmas story.  After that, local celebrities read stories.  We got some local weather guy and a radio chick but word on the street is that they've had Spurs players (and the big names too) in the past.  There were only a few kids so the Squirrel and Cito got up close and personal and had some dedicated one on one time - not that it helped since neither one made a peep but oh well.  We got some great pictures! Again, most definitely one to make a tradition out of.   And thanks for coming with us Honey!

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