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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Harris - Ten Months

I realize the boy is about to hit 11 months but I'm squeezing the ten month markers in before the deadline.  The pictures were authentically taken about a week after Cito turned ten months and I'm trying desperately to remember what he wasn't doing three weeks ago.

Teeth - three.  Two on bottom, one on top with the fourth just on the edge of his gums when he turned ten months.
Diet - I weaned Harris just before we left for our trip to DR so at ten months, he's officially formula.  He's also moved to table foods - hooray!  And he won't have anything to do with someone feeding him with a spoon.  This boy wants to feed himself only.
Crawling like crazy and taking about 3 steps at a time.  He is just on the verge of walking but is moving everywhere.
Sleep - still not great at ten months but I have a little update to the sleep department headed your way!
Just now starting to get stranger anxiety.  This hit on December 22 when we had our Santa party and it's stuck.  He'll smile all he can at a passing stranger but he only wants to be held by those that know him best.
Harris adores his sister and now follows her everywhere.  Harper goes to her room, Cito goes to her room.  Harper goes the kitchen, Cito goes to the kitchen.  Harper goes to the potty, Cito goes to the potty.  
Harris is just starting to get verbal and is making more noises with each day.  
Throughout late December and January, Harris's face was covered in war wounds from attempts at walking. The poor child was a giant scab.

And Harris LOVES his Daddy.  He wants Mommy when all is great and dandy but when he's feeling sick and puny, he only wants Jared.  

My sweet, happy boy!

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